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Sugar Wax is an ancient Egyptian method of hair removal. Warm organic Sugar Wax is applied against the hair growth and removed in the direction the hair naturally grows taking with it the whole hair bulb.


Lets face it having your hair ripped out of your skin is not pleasant but the results are worth it super silky smooth skin and you only have to maintain your visits every 4 to 6 weeks. The more you sugar the weaker the hair follicle becomes therefore making it easier, quicker and less painful and less pain is our goal.


Sugaring also exfoliates and helps get rid of painful ingrown hairs shaving can cause.

For best results don't shave two weeks prior to your sugaring appointment or in between sugaring once you've started on a regular basis. Never ever any double dipping we follow strict sanitation and safety standards.



Female Services:

Brazilian          $65

Full Legs         $80. and up

Half Legs         $45. and up

Arms               $40. and up

Torso              $35.

Small of Back    $15.

Underarms        $20.

Lip                 $10 

Eyebrows         $10.

Chin                $10

Hands              $10.

Toes               $5.

Knuckles           $5.

Full Body          Contact staff

Male Services:

Brazilian          $120.

Full Legs:         $80. and up

Half Legs         $45. and up

Arms              $40. and up

Stomach           $20.

Full Back          $70. and up

Chest              $80. and up

Underarms         $20

Rear               $30.

Hands               $10.

Toes                $5.

Knuckles            $5

Full Body           Contact staff

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